Cardinals Among Us

On our little farm here in Kentucky, we have always had an abundance of cardinals. Of all the wild birds nature has to offer, I think them the most beautiful of all. Never are they more breathtaking than a freshly fallen blanket of snow. I love to watch them out the windows of our bedroom and kitchen where Jackie has stragicially placed bird feeders close to the house. Yesterday morning I counted eleven cardinals scattered among a variety of other wild birds on our front yard alone.

I read once that whenever you see a cardinal an angel is near. I have no idea where that saying came from but to the best of my knowledge it did not come from the Bible. That said, I think it a lovely, comforting thought. A reminder that angels are all around, sent to protect and guard us. You see it is also said that if God took the veil away from our eyes which prevents us from seeing the unseen, we would look around us and see angels everywhere. Sent by God Himself to protect and guide us along on our journey thru life.

I have no idea if cardinals and angels have anything to do with one another or not, but one thing I do not doubt is that there are angels among us all the time. And if you do doubt, I have but one question to ask of you. Have you ever stopped and thought about all of the accidents, heartbreaks and assorted "bad" things you have been saved from that you were not even aware you were spared from?

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.


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