Forgiveness. Such a simple little word, one which is relatively easy to define and explain, yet dare I say one of the hardest, if not the hardest, grace we fallen humans must extend to one another. Most of us when asked would be quick to say we have extended forgiveness to someone who has done us wrong or hurt us in some way, but have we really? Have we truly in our heart let go of whatever offense has happened, forgiving and forgetting? Or perhaps have we tucked it away, deep within the recesses of our mind where we keep it lest it be needed at some future date and time?

The reasons we may find ourselves in a position to extend forgiveness are many. Countless actually. Some offenses are small and really quite easy to overlook. A unkind word spoken in haste, a forgotten special occasion, a thoughtless act of some sort. But then there are those acts of unkindness, often cruel which are inflicted by those we love the most which leave us broken in both heart and spirit. It is in theses very moments of life in which we find the rendering of forgiveness unthinkable.

Hardest of all to forgive I think is those who hurt you and just walk away from you with no feeling of remorse or regret. Those who say they have your back, but don't. Those who say they love you, but don't really. Those who say they will never leave you, but do. Those who tell you that you make a difference in their life and could never imagine life without you and then walk away and forget you. I think it is safe to say that at least at one time or another we have all felt this kind hurt and struggled with subsequent forgiveness. While it's true each struggle comes with it's own degree of pain and heartache we must bear in mind that holding on to the memory and pain, hurts not the one who hurt us but merely keeps us in bondage. Forgiveness is the only way in which we will loose this chain of bondage.

While we each will have no difficulty recalling the many struggles we have had in giving forgiveness, I offer you this question to ponder. How many times throughout your life can you recall needing forgiveness from someone? How many times have you hurt someone yourself and not apologized, said you were sorry or asked for forgiveness? The way I see it, we cannot ask or expect anything that we ourselves are not willing to give.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.


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