When The Path Seems Clear

Whenever the weather permits, Jackie and I like to walk around our hay field. We started it some time ago when I was recovering from a surgery which had left me quite weak. Jackie mowed a path around the field so we had a smooth surface to walk on and it was by this path we measured my progress. What started as a means to build my strength became a special time of the day we both came to look forward to.

Now this might sound strange as Jackie and I daily spend a lot of time together, but there is just something different about the time we spend walking around the hay field. Some times we talk, often we don't. It is during these walks we notice the daily, subtle changes in the world around us which perhaps would otherwise go unnoticed. But most of all it is a time of shared peace and happiness. Well that is until the other afternoon...….

There we were enjoying a time of silence and we were just beginning our fourth round. I was ahead of Jackie by about three strides, in my zone, cruising along and at that moment all was good in life. And then I happened to look down and in the exact spot where I was about to set my foot there was the biggest, ugliest, meanest looking black snake I have ever seen. I can say with absolute certainty he was eyeing me up for his next meal.

At that very moment I could do nothing but scream like a girl, jump three feet off the ground. I spun around in mid air and ran right into Jackie, who I might add did nothing to come to my rescue mostly because he was too busy laughing at me. Once I had determined I was a safe distance away from all danger, I checked myself over to make certain I had sustained no damage and I was terribly grateful for being spared the embarrassment a full bladder at the time would have caused.

Now that a few days have passed and I have fully recovered from "incident", I am once again brave enough to walk around the hay field. During my days off however, I have thought about just how much life is like walking around the hay field. We go along for quite some time, hitting our stride, confident that all is well and then in the blink of an eye, seemingly out of nowhere, something happens and you find yourself screaming like a girl and running to the house!

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.