The Gift Of Friendship

Relationships. One of God's greatest gifts to us. So simple and uncomplicated in theory. Happiness and joy, comfort and support. All found in the in the heart of one who holds your hand throughout the journey we call life. Sadly very few of us have friendships that have tested the times and trials of life. Things happen that cause one or both parties to walk away. Feelings get hurt, someone gets mad or perhaps it is just as simple as life happens and the friendship no longer seems necessary.

Sounds natural and harmless right? I mean that's what people do. Well that may be what they do, but that doesn't mean it's right. My question is when exactly did people become replaceable? How does a person decide when someone who has loved them thru thick and thin, ups and downs, happiness and heartache fulfilled their purpose in their life and is no longer "needed". Is the criteria the beginning of a new phase in life, a new job, a marriage, sickness or perhaps even the end of life?

While I don't have the answers to these questions there is one thing I am fairly certain of. At the end of every relationship there is one person left behind who is heartbroken. One soul left with nothing but questions and wondering why it was so easy to forget them and leave them behind. Wondering if they are ever remembered and if anything they did made a difference.

My friends during this Christmas season I ask you to stop and take a moment and think back on the people who have blessed your past and made a difference. If per chance there is someone who blessed your life which you may have hurt or left behind with unresolved issues or without saying good-bye, perhaps the kindest gift you could give this year is to reach out to that someone and tell them you remember. Someone much smarter than I once said that if a man have one true friend in life they are blessed beyond belief. Let us always cherish those whom God blesses and seasons our lives with. Hold them tight and never let them go.

Until we meet here again, I pray God bless you and keep your loved ones safe.